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By: Michael Donaghy | September 28, 2017

High speed doors are faster versions of typical industrial roller shutter door systems like sectional door or roller doors. These types of doors are usually engineered to integrate with the traffic movement inside the organization, whether that is forklifts, pedestrian traffic, or automated conveyors.

Where high speed doors are employed?

  • Freezers and cold rooms for temperature control
  • Food production doorways for zoning and temperature control
  • Logistics and transport for security and traffic control
  • Pharmaceutical for constructive pressure regulation and hygiene control
  • Grain and milling industries for dust control

Why Invest In High-Speed Doors For Your Business?

High Speed Doors

Flexible for both indoor and outdoor use: High speed or rapid doors can be fit...

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By: Michael Donaghy | July 28, 2017

Roller shutters are the robust and extremely secure solution for the majority of industrial applications. Though they open and close in a vertical fashion, they usually need very little space to operate as opposed to those that open ‘outwards’. A very popular option for obvious reasons, but keep in mind they come in several different forms, and the right roller shutters for your needs will merely depend on individual premises needs.

Well, there are huge arrays of options available on the market; but the most effective and efficient solution is the electric powered roller shutter. But don’t just take my word for it: ask all sorts of businesses and homeowners and they’ll surely tell you that the electric roller shutter door is their obvious ...

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By: Michael Donaghy | July 11, 2017

Do you know!! These days, the industrial insulated doors and shutters are widely used in various types of industries and businesses. The aim of industrial insulated shutters and doors is to provide security and high level of energy efficiency. The popular industrial doors are built with cutting edge technologies and engineered with great precision to offer excellent protection from noise, UV and heat.

The insulated doors for industrial use are ideal for warehouses, farm building, aircraft hangers, factories, garages and many commercial establishments.

Here are some great benefits of installing industrial insulated shutters and doors at your business place in the UK, please have a look:

1. Perfect Deterrent for Bad Weather:

Installing i...

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